Dog Kennels for sale in Bushnell , FL.

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Florida Dog Kennels is your top choice for dog kennels in Bushnell, FL. Design your custom kennel in real-time and receive a project quote today. We make buying a dog kennel hassle-free—let us guide you through the process.

Dog Kennels for sale in Bushnell, Florida

Are you in need of top-notch dog kennels in Bushnell, Florida? Look no further than! We provide a wide array of kennels in different designs and dimensions to cater to all your requirements. Our kennels are constructed to endure the severe weather conditions of Florida and offer a perfect blend of practicality, longevity, and visual appeal. Take your time to browse our selection and choose the perfect kennel for your beloved pet.


When determining the appropriate outdoor dog kennel size, consider several crucial factors: the number of dogs in your care, the size of these dogs, and the duration of their stay in the kennel. Keep in mind that it’s better to have a run area in your outdoor dog kennel that is too large than to end up with a kennel that is too small.

Dog Kennel Delivery and Installation Included

At Flordia Dog Kennels, we prioritize your convenience when it comes to purchasing your outdoor dog kennel in Bushnell, FL. That’s why we offer complimentary delivery and professional installation services with your kennel purchase.

Choose Flordia Dog Kennels for top-quality dog pens and let us take care of the logistics. Our skilled technicians will expertly install your dog house, ensuring a secure and functional setup.

Experience hassle-free delivery and installation with Florida Dog Kennels. Contact us today to explore our range of outdoor dog kennels and create the perfect space for your furry companion.

Carport Financing

Florida Dog Kennels provides access to Dog Kennel Financing available, helping make your purchase process smooth and easy!

  • Get personalized payment options in minutes
  • Get Pre-Approval without affecting your credit score!
  • Loan amounts up to $250,000
  • Funded in 1-3 Days
  • No home equity required
  • No prepayment penalties

– Credit Card

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Rent To Own a Dog Kennel Purchase

Dog Kennel Rent To Own is a great alternative to traditional financing.  Rent to Own does away with all the credit hassles to get almost everyone the Dog Kennel they want.  

  • Use now, pay as you go
  • Early Payoff Options
  • Does not go on a credit report
  • Return building with no penalty
  • Own Kennel after a set number of payments
  • No mini storage fees

30 / 60 / 90 Days Same As Cash

Keep your cash available. Florida Dog Kennels offers Same as Cash purchase options.  Contact a rep to find out more.