Do I Need Permit For a Dog Kennel?

When you are trying to determine if you need a permit for a Dog Kennel, the place to look is your local governing municipality.  Permitting for Dog Kennels involves obtaining the necessary approvals from local authorities. This process ensures that the structures adhere to zoning regulations, building codes, and safety standards. Proper permitting is crucial to avoid legal issues and ensure the structural integrity of these additions.

The Key Question: Do I need a Permit for a Dog Kennel in Florida?

Requirements and local building codes vary by location.  You can contact your local county or city building and zoning department to determine what the requirements are that must be met to install a Dog Kenel. It is the responsibility of the land owner or purchaser of the Kennel to verify and obtain any necessary permits prior to the installation of a new Dog House.  Florida Dog Kennels can help you with the permitting process!   

When you need to get a permit for a dog kennel, some of the items you may need usually include:

  • Approved Engineer Signed Prints of the Dog Kennel
  • Site plan of the property drawn to scale with the location of all structures including where the proposed Dog House will be located on the property
  • Permit Application
7x14 dog kennel duoble run

How do I get a Dog House Permit?

The easiest way for our customers to get a permit is to have it done by a professional.  Permit Geeks can get all the required information and make the job easy. 

Can I get my own Kennel permit?

Generally, yes, you can get your own Dog Kennel permit as an Owner Builder.   If you feel comfortable navigating the permitting process you can find the information from the municipality where you live.    We have linked below to several Florida Cities and Counties for information on their permitting.

Permit Geeks can handle your Dog Kennel permitting

Don’t pull out your hair trying to figure out all that is required for your Dog Kennel / Dog House permit.  Let the professionals who do it every day do it for you!

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Eliminate Future Problems

Our goal is to make your Dog Kennel purchasing experience simple, easy, and friendly.  

Owner Builder Dog Kennel Permitting

You can choose to get permits one of two ways:

  • As Owner Builder
  • Through a Licensed Contractor

If you want us to pull the permits under our Florida Certified Contractor License, we can do it for you.  If you feel you can take on the task yourself and are comfortable with the accompanying liability, we can apply to get your permit as Owner Builder. 

Why Do I need a Dog Kennel permit in Florida?

Some will say because the government wants more money.  Not really.  It is a safety issue.  Living in Florida can be dangerous due to pesky meteorological phenomonons called hurricanes, as well as tropical afternoon summer thunderstorms.  In 1993 Hurricane Andrew devastated southeast Florida.  It was after this disaster that Florida put serious teeth into the Florida Building Code.  You could basically say if the wind touches it, the Building Code addresses it.  And, since Kennels are predominantly outdoors, and relatively small, Dog Houses must be designed and installed in such a manner that they will be able to withstand certain wind loads and not become one large projectile, or break into several smaller projectiles during a storm.

What do Dog Kennel permits cost?

Cities and counties have varying price structures for Dog Kennel permit costs.  Some can be as low as $25-30, others can run up to several hundred dollars.  The cost of a Dog House permit is determined by the municipality fee structure.

Some municipalities charge a  standard amount of $15 to $25, and others may charge a fee based on the overall cost of the Kennel. For example, the Dog Kennel permit cost might be $10 per $1,000 of cost. So, the cost of a Dog Kennel permit application fee for a $3,000 Kennel would be about $30.

Contacting a knowledgeable source about Dog Kennel permits in your area is the best way to determine the cost of a Kennel permit.  If you don’t know upfront, it is best to be prepared when you go to apply for the permit.

I have an AG Exemption, Do I need a permit?

It is important to understand that having an Agricultural Exemption is NOT the same as having an Agricultural Zoning.

We have heard many people say they have AG property.  When asked if it is Ag zoning or Ag Exempt, they don’t know the difference.  We then assume that it is not AG Exempt, because getting Ag Exempt can be difficult, and those who have gotten the Ag Exemption KNOW they got it!  Mainly from the hassle, they would go through to get and maintain an Ag Exemption.

You will need to contact your municipality to determine what the requirements are for Ag Emempt property.

Code Enforcement Action

If Dog Kennels are required to have a permit and one is installed without a permit, municipalities have code enforcement departments to deal with such matters. Most locales in Florida will require a permit to be obtained for the unpermitted Carportor removal of the structure.  Fines and penalties on top of the permit costs can also be assessed.  Home Owner Associations also could have fines, penalties, and other measures they can take to “cure” the non-conforming structure.  

Insurance Denial

Another issue to consider when not getting a Dog Kennel permit is insurance.  Homeowners’ policies could exclude any “non-permitted” structures from insurance coverage that were required to have a permit for installation.  So, if you do not obtain a permit, the structure, as well as the contents, may not be insured.  This is something to consider with your insurance agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our outdoor dog kennels are constructed using high-quality, weather-resistant materials suitable for the Florida climate. They are typically made from durable galvanized steel or heavy-duty aluminum frames with sturdy chain-link panels.

Yes, our outdoor dog kennels are specifically designed to endure Florida’s diverse weather conditions. They are built to resist rust, corrosion, and are capable of withstanding strong winds and intense sun exposure.

Yes, we offer a range of kennel sizes to accommodate various needs. Additionally, we can work with you to provide customized solutions based on your specific requirements and available space.

 Maintaining your outdoor dog kennel is easy. Simply hose it down regularly to remove dirt, debris, and any pet waste. For more thorough cleaning, a mild detergent and water solution can be used. Our kennels are designed to be low-maintenance and long-lasting.

 Yes, we provide professional installation services for our outdoor dog kennels. Our experienced team will ensure that your kennel is set up securely.

We are committed to ensuring that our products meet or exceed local regulations. However, it’s important to check with your local authorities or homeowner’s association for any specific requirements or restrictions that may apply in your area.